Terms and conditions

1.   Placing an order on

When you place an order on and receive an order confirmation from us you enter into an agreement with:

Métropole Aps (CVR: 38608614)

Bryggervangen 37, st.

2100 København Ø


All customer requests are handled by our customer service team, who can be contacted at

By shopping with us you agree to accept the terms and conditions described below. 

To shop with us you have to be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit card.

The agreement is entered in English or Danish.

You place an order by selecting the products you wish to buy and placing them in the basket. When you are ready to place the order, you click “place order”. You will then be asked to provide us with your name, address, phone number, email address and possibly the shipping address if this differs from the billing address.

When you have provided us with all the required information, you will be asked to approve your order and at the same time to accept these Terms and Conditions.

When you have accepted our terms & conditions you will be asked to choose a payment method and then to provide us with the information required by the payment method chosen. The payment is handled externally by Epay.

We encourage you to check your order before placing it. Before the placement of your order it is possible to edit the information you have provide such as billing or shipping address. You can also add or remove products from the basket at any time during the ordering process.

When you have placed your order you will receive a receipt, which is a summary of the order you have just placed.

The moment you click "Place order" and the receipt is displayed on your screen, you are bound by your offer to us. The receipt you receive is an automated receipt, which means we have received your submitted offer.

Please note that this does not mean that we have accepted your offer. If we accept your offer, you will receive an e-mail from us confirming that we have accepted your order.

We store your order and the order confirmation and you can receive a copy hereof by contacting us at any time.

If you have made a mistake while placing your order – such as giving us the wrong address – you can contact us at and we can correct it.

The e-shop is always open except for a few periods of maintenance.

Change or annulment of your order

When your order has been placed you can change it by contacting us via

We will then assist you with changing your order IF the order has not been shipped prior to your enquiry.

If your order has been shipped you still have 14 days right of cancellation. Please see section 5 below for more information on the right of cancellation.

Without being obliged to compensate you or otherwise cover your expenses, we are entitled to annul your purchase in the following situations:

            if an unintended error occurs on such as a payment error,

            if your payment information cannot be verified or if this information is incorrect,

            if we suspect that your order has been placed in bad faith or in relation to criminal activities.

We will attempt to solve any problem and we will keep you informed of any annulment before such takes places. If an annulment does take place we will reimburse any payments made without imposing any further costs on you.

2.   Prices and Payment

All prices at are in EUR including VAT, but excluding shipping costs.

The prices at are all current prices, which are frequently updated.

The prices may be subject to change without notice, but changes will not affect orders that we have accepted.

The total price you accept when you submit your order is the amount that we will withdraw from your account when your order has been shipped. The amount will never be withdrawn before we have handled and shipped your order.

At we accept payment by the following credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, JCB.

The communication between you and our payment system is secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

As our payment system is handled by NETS/Teller through Epay they are the only ones with access to your payment data.

3.   Availability

We aim to have all offered products in stock. In the event that ordered items are out of stock, we reserve the right not to accept your offer. You will be informed by e-mail and any payments will be refunded if the payment was already processed.

4.  Delivery and Shipment

If you are a registered customer and you wish to know the status of your order you can always log-in to “My Account” and see the status.

Delivery in the Greater Copenhagen Area

In the Greater Copenhagen area we deliver same day with BURD. For further information please visit Shipments and Returns.


We also ship orders all days of the week and with the quickest response possible. We will always keep you informed on when your merchandise is shipped.

International delivery

We ship to all European countries. You will be able to select your country during the ordering process. If you wish to receive your order in a country outside of Europe please contact us with a special request and we will do our very best to fulfill this. Prior to shipment we will inform you of shipment price for your special request.

Delivery times

The delivery time depends of the area and the country of delivery. Please see above for our special delivery service in the Greater Copenhagen area.

In Denmark we generally deliver within 2-4 days.

Upon ordering you will either be informed about the expected delivery times or you will receive further information about this by email after ordering.

We generally ship with PostDanmark and refer to PostDanmark’s at any time applicable delivery prices and times.

Price of delivery

As a part of the ordering process you will always be informed about the price of delivery if any.

Please note that by accepting and paying your order you also accept the cost of delivery as a part of the order.

The receipt of deliveries

Deliveries must be signed upon delivery. If you are not able to receive your package the carrier will leave a notice with further instructions and available services. When you receive a package it is very important that you check it before your accept it, because when you have accepted the package and the delivery is complete and you bear the risk for the delivered products.

5.   The right to cancellation

You have the right to cancel your purchase and you can exercise this right within 14 days after delivery provided that the purchased product(s) is/are not damaged and/or have been washed and can be returned in substantially the same state as it was on the time of delivery.

The 14 day-period will at the earliest begin the day after you have received your order, if you already at this time have also received this information about the right of cancellation. The 14 day-period will not begin until you have received information about the right of cancellation in writing, i.e., via email or on paper. However, the period will expire three months after the day, when you received the delivery even if you have not received the information on the right of cancellation.

If you, i.e, receive your order on the 1st and you have also received this information on the right of cancellation, you are entitled to cancel the agreement and return the purchased product(s) up to and including on the 15th. If you do not receive the information until later on, i.e., the 3rd ,you will be entitled to cancel the agreement and return your order up to and including on the 17th.

If the 14 day-period expires on a holiday, a Saturday, a Sunday, Grundlovsdag, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, you have until the first coming weekday to return your order. 

How to exercise your right of cancellation

You exercise the above right by returning your order to us before the 14 day-period expires. It is sufficient if you have handed the products over to PostDanmark or another courier of your choice, who will handle the return to us, before the period expires. If you wish to ensure evidence that you have indeed exercised the right of cancellation in time, we recommend that you keep the receipt from, i.e. PostDanmark regarding the shipment.

When exercising your right of cancellation please fill out the form which you have received as a part of your package and enclose it with the return parcel.

Unless otherwise agreed, you are obliged to pay the cost of the shipment with respect of your return, if you decide to exercise your right of cancellation.

When we have received the return and have checked that the returned product lives up to the conditions for exercising the right of cancellation, we will refund the full purchase price including the cost of our shipping of the order to you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your refund to be credited to your account. We always aim to do our very best to make this process as fast and convenient for you as possible.

If it is our opinion that the requirements to exercise the right of cancellation are not met, we will contact you via email with an explanation.

If you wish to exercise the right of cancellation, the product(s) must be returned to us on the below address:


Bryggervangen 37, st,

2100 Copenhagen Ø


6.   Defect products

In the case of a defective product or an inconsistency – i.e. if the product has been damage during the shipment to you - we sincerely apologise and ask you to contact us immediately. It is important that you clearly explain the issue/defect. If your complaint is accepted by our customer service, we will refund the purchase price and all shipping costs.

Please allow 2 weeks for your refund to be credited to your account.

7.   The notice of a lack of conformity

You are entitled to give us notice within two years from the time of purchase if any of the products you have purchased with us turns out to have a lack of conformity.

If you wish to give us such notice, you should contact us immediately after discovering such lack of conformity.

Please note that the above right to give us notice may expire before two years after the time of purchase, if the purchased product is not meant to last for two years or if it has been worn out by ordinary use.

The notice of lack of conformity only applies to product which are not in conformity in accordance with the Danish Sales of Goods Act. For more information see

8.   Dispute resolution

Any dispute involving metropole-cph.comm and any agreement and purchases made in relation to are subject to Danish law and shall be resolve by the Danish courts unless otherwise determined by mandatory law.

9.   Your privacy

At we respect your privacy and process your personal information in accordance with applicable law. Please see our privacy policy for more information.


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